What We Do

The object of Technoelite is the generation of electricity from the use of renewable energy sources like the sun and the wind (solar and wind energy) and the provision of electricity as a public service, also from renewable sources of energy. Technoelite seeks to promote and support the generation of productive processes that are profitable and that are committed to sustainable development, from renewable energy sources .

Technoelite is devoted to become a benchmark company in the sector of renewable energy and infrastructure, thanks to its experience and development capabilities and project management . For that, it develops and co-invests in infrastructure projects, creating long-term relationships with investors and stakeholders in the sector.

  • Structuring: Due Diligence, financing, contract management, consulting, insurance.
  • Joint Venture : Investment with long-term institutional investors.
  • Construction: Negotiation of contracts, monitoring, control, audit, test reports.
  • Operation: close monitoring 24 hours submitting detailed reports and managing incidents to resolution.